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Reviews of the Mythbusters vs the many Clones!

July 8, 2008

Of the crash, test and “experiment for the sake of it” genre, The original Mythbusters series’ still seems to be the best of the bunch by far.

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are by all accounts a natural win-win team exhibiting a great set of both complimentary and contradictory traits that make the programs a treat to watch before any of the action has began!


Jamie’s older and wiser style works nicely with Adam’s boyish, almost impatient outlook on things and with the stunts all crying out for both character traits the entire offering still has no real competition in the quality department.


In terms of narration, Robert Lee absolutely makes the program the diamond that it is, stitching together all of the scenes in style. Writing, editing and filming is also thoughtfully and carefully undertaken and the final cut is flawless. The use of high speed cameras in most of the stunts is nice touch as is the use of multiple cameras on many of the scenes.


In later series, 3 additional team members were added, and although it may seem a gamble to dilute the already great appeal of the main characters, the three eventual long running co hosts, Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara are very well chosen, are all a pleasure to watch and supplement Jamie’s and Adam’s performances by perforating them to the extent that the an hour’s worth of programming never seems to be enough. Stunts range from the less exciting, but still interesting, to the highly destructive or even highly constructive. The building of a rocket was one such example of the latter. All in all, even thought there are many clones, nothing has managed to come even close to this fine example of how to do it completely right!