Crash Test Dummies Review

The Crash Test Dummies was quite an interesting conception, but ultimately a personal opinion is that it seems a bit flawed.


Taking on the most destructive stunts was a nice touch but the series completely lacks class. The pair of characters that host the show over act, the scripts are not well written and the writing veers very much towards using truly British idioms, which have limited appeal both for foreigners and even for Brits, given that they are truly over used.


Some of the more interesting stunts such as dropping a beach hut, a piano and an ice cream van onto a trampoline made for very good TV, but if the two hosts would just jone down their over acting this program would have more of a wider appeal.


It certainly is a Mythbuisters clone, but also seems to have its roots from another British program called Mad Labs, especially the dropping of vehicles from cranes type of stunts.

Brian Blessed ads his unique style when it comes to narration, but even this is “over”, and it is hard to see how this will have international appeal either.

The only time that the hosts appear anywhere near naturally funny and frankly in the relaxed manner that they should be is during the out takes where they come out of their over acting and just exhibit their normal selves… its a shame those parts are the only parts that didn’t make it into the final edit.


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